DriWe - EGO Venture


The business

DRIWE integrates e-charging systems for e-mobility into smart grid environments

Electric mobility is the decisive step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future in which we will not need to burn oil to move. DriWe contributes actively to the development of electric transport. DriWe designs and provides complete hardware and software solutions dedicated to companies and individuals for the car production and management of electrical energy, from photovoltaic systems, up to charging stations for vehicles and to retrofit 100% electric. DriWe Charge is a fast-charging column, which can recharge your car in less than an hour.

DriWe Charge is interoperable and always on-line, and consequently can be managed directly from a smartphone, easily located en route, and booked or paid for by card credit, coupon or card.


HQ: Contrà Progresso, 1-H, 36015 Schio (Italy)
CEO: Luca Secco


The partnership

Ego Venture seeded the company in 2018 and has continuously supported it either by shaping its IT strategy and by connecting its e-mobility solutions to the energy markets.