Firedesktop - EGO Venture


The business

FIREDESKTOP enables enterprises’ digital workflows through proprietary robotic process automation platform and A.I. «domain aware» search engine.

The A.I. wave is overwhelming the business. With its flagship products FlowBot and Ethymo, Firedesktop laid the foundation for a suite of tools in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which allow to automate the manual and repetitive phases of business flows and to produce actions, new content and data flows. An RPA process can use the same modalities as a human operator creating a real digital workforce.

Firedesktop technology is able to analyze a large number of documents from a specific application domain and learn its language, making available all the company information quickly and easily.

Firedesktop s.r.l.

HQ: Via Felice Romani 9/5, 16122 Genoa (Italy)
CEO: Gianluca Rossi

gianluca rossi

The partnership

Ego Venture seeded the Company in 2017 and backed it on a variety of issues including IP management, business strategy, and team building.