Mavel - EGO Venture


The business

MAVEL  develops technologies for electric propulsion, i.e. innovative powertrains with great performances and extremely high efficiency

Mavel represents world-class excellence in the manufacturing of high-performance efficient electric motors and in the development of their power and control systems.

Mavel designs, prototypes and engineers software and hardware applications in automotive, aeronautical, military and energy fields. Mavel owns a portfolio of patents on materials, product and process technologies for high speed, high torque electric motors and proprietary sensorless algorithms for efficient power management.


HQ: Via Gressoney, 29, 11026 Pont-Saint-Martin AO (Italy)
CEO: Davide Bettoni

The partnership

Ego Venture entered the capital in 2011 and backed the Company to build its IP strategy and to create the first conditions to its future internationalization.