Rulex - EGO Venture


The business

The ultimate platform for empowering your business with data-driven decisions.

Rulex is a leading technology company specialized in no-code software for data preparation, machine learning, and optimization. Its platform that can be used by anyone from a standard laptop, without writing a line of code. Its easy-to-use, drag-and-drop graphical interface enables users to manage data confidently and obtain explainable data-driven insight to improve operational and decision-making processes. From supply chains to financial services and healthcare enterprises, people all over the world use Rulex technology to turn their big data into a trustworthy and valuable resource.


HQ: 437 Newtonville Ave. Newton MA, 02460 (USA)
CEO: Ing. Marco Muselli


The partnership

Ego Venture originally seeded the founders in 2012 and has supported Rulex ever since providing financial support in pivotal moments of its evolution and backing the Company’s IP and business strategies.