Rulex - EGO Venture


The business

RULEX develops explainable A.I. for continuous decision automation.

Rulex is a new kind of A.I. platform, born from advanced government and academic machine learning research and proven by years of deployment in diverse industries.

It is the only company in the world to offer a platform based on the innovative paradigm of the “Logic Learning Machine”.

The Rulex platform is business-friendly, eliminating the need for programming skills and statistical-mathematical knowledge. It overcomes the long iterative processes typical of traditional machine learning algorithms, to allow the construction of more agile analysis models, significantly lowering the cost of exploration and big data analysis.


HQ: 437 Newtonville Ave. Newton MA, 02460 (USA)
CEO: Andrea Ridi


The partnership

Ego Venture originally seeded the founders in 2012 and has supported Rulex ever since providing financial support in pivotal moments of its evolution and backing the Company’s IP and business strategies.